Thursday, December 17, 2009

25 days and counting

I am no stranger to upheaval. In fact, I enjoy life most when it's in a permanent state of flux. However, in the next 25 days, I will end a job, pack for a trip to Kenya, and celebrate a major holiday. Some might think that doesn't sound too difficult, and I suppose when all is said in done if you take it one day at a time, it's manageable - hmmm, I'm not convinced.

How does that saying go... "A journey of a thousand miles, starts with a single step..."

I'm trying to take that to heart. Some part of me still believes that procrastination is the key to success. Well not procrastination exactly, but listening to ones own - neigh-saying mind. I find when I listen to that little voice that says... let's not do "that" today. When I really need to have "that" done, it gets done and usually in a most unexpected and highly effective way. Okay, so maybe procrastination is the key to my success.

Today for instance, I needed to call my daughter in Kenya. I had told her last week I would talk to her friend's mother and see if she could stay with them in Nairobi before I arrive in January. I had, of course, not done that yet. When I signed on to my email to send my mom a message this morning, my daughter's friend's mother was on IM. In two minutes we had made a plan and I could call my daughter having completed my assignment! Would you not agree that procrastination somehow works in my favor? Okay, so it could have something to do with God and His miraculous grace too... I'd like to think He is using my procrastination to His favor and mine!

It's late. And tomorrow I will only have 24 days left to procrastinate.