Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Return: T Minus 18 days and counting

On November 11, I will board a plane bound for Amsterdam and then Nairobi, Kenya.

There's no plan this time. There is a list of things that must be accomplished but no plan as to how or when said things will be completed. I like it that way. No hurry. No anxiety.

Not like the next two weeks... which will be frenetic movement, planning and packing toward the goal of getting on the plane.

The literacy program for African refugees in St. Cloud has really taken off. Lots of volunteers involved, new students, two new staff to take over where I left off. It feels like a good time to leave and a really lousy one all at the same time.

My latest volunteers are two young Somali men who taught English in a refugee camp. They are eloquent, and energetic and engaged.... I'm not just alliterating - they really are! I'm so excited we have found each other. They will be an excellent addition to the literacy program, and will help my peace of mind, even though I'm leaving the program in very capable hands... it helps to know that M and K will be here too.

The living room is scattered with literacy program materials that need to be organized and delivered to Mary B. who will hopefully be able to make sense of them. Passing of the torch will be a slow process, but when all is said and done, I think it will be cathartic for both of us.

It looks like the rain has stopped... must go run.