Sunday, June 8, 2014

For Those Of You Who Didn't Know...

You might have seen my Facebook status change in the last month or so. Let me quell all the rumors here and now. It’s true! I’m in love!
So let me give you the vital statistics:
His name is Daniel Steyn. 
He’s 43. The same age I am, although he’s two months older. Another reason that is good is because he has the same birthday as my brother Tom. (No need to remember too many dates).
He is from South Africa. (He’s White.) For those of you who know me well, you might be giggling about now. Yes, I know I said I wanted to marry an African. But I didn’t specify the color with God. Guess who had the final word on that one.
He is an engineer. He works for Intel. (Yes, the computer company.)
He has lived and worked in Kenya for 3 years.
He is ridiculously handsome! And tall!
He likes to run…that’s what we did on our first date.
He is an amazing cook! Albeit with a recipe book close at hand.
And the best part is that he is a God-fearing, praying, Jesus follower!
But the best, best part is that he is crazy about me! I pinch myself every once in a while, not too often because I bruise easily…but often enough to remind myself that I’m not dreaming. There really is an amazing man in my life who loves me to pieces (and is not my father or my heavenly father), his name is Daniel, and I love him too!
Daniel and I in Kakamega, Kenya, during Easter weekend.
(It’s June 6!) Happy two-month Anniversary Daniel!
I can’t wait to see what the next two years…two decades bring!
- J

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